Newsletter 3

MARCH 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

The five months since our last newsletter has truly flown by, but we have really learned the lesson of Psalm 27:14 “Wait for the LORD,be strong, and let your heart take courage,wait for the LORD.”

In November we finally took off for Africa, for our much awaited discovery tour. After our long flights we arrived at the, AIM Kirasini Guesthouse in Dar es Salaam, which was to be our home for the next two weeks. We were greeted by our hosts Karen and Dave Magee, who were great company for us and we became very close in a very short time. Our ministry exposure started the next morning. We were the guests at the Safina Street Network drop in centre where we met more than 25 street children. They were given breakfast, medical treatment and the gospel was shared. Children were of all ages from about seven years old up to late teens. From there on, over the next days we experienced, time in three foster homes and football matches and on multiple occasions we were privileged to share the scriptures and a word of encouragement. Our message every time was that we serve a God of second chances. Our message truly took on a new meaning to us as we heard their stories and saw firsthand their lives. They are truly in need of a second chance in life.

In our second week, we had language school with Pastor George to learn basic Swahili. In the morning we had our lessons and then each afternoon we went out for a cultural experience. We went to the local markets and bought some fruit and other things, then the fish markets, a museum and then a restaurant all with the desired effect to teach us the Tanzanian culture and the Swahili language. It was a great experience and at times quite competitive between us, but many times all we could do was to laugh at each other. Also during these two weeks we went to two different English speaking churches and experienced worship African style.

In our third week we flew to Mwanza and were greeted by Sheila Dilworth, a fourth generation AIM missionary. She was truly an inspiration to us. We drove to Nassa Theological College which is found in Bulima village, which is 100 kilometres east of Mwanza. We experienced firsthand life in the village and again saw how the Tanzania people live a day at a time and a meal at a time. We met some of the students and heard their stories and their passion for the Word of God and their desire to take the Word and the Gospel back to their people.

What a trip, it truly changed us. We now knew that we must pray through which ministry God was calling us too. We both went back to work, but our hearts and minds where in Africa.

I then had my scheduled knee replacement operation in December, which was very successful. I have recovered very quickly and it was truly an answer to every ones prayers.

We said that we would take December and January to pray and process our trip and where we believed God was calling us to serve. Both ministries had expressed their desire for us to come and serve with them. After much prayer we declined Safina Street Network for the following reasons: lack of security, Dar es Salaam is a very intense city and we just believe that we would struggle just to survive there and also there was no ministry for Noeline.

We have now accepted roles at the Nassa Theological College. This will involve us learning basic Swahili language and culture. Norm will be the Accountant for the college and train a Tanzanian to do this role within two-years. Noeline will be involved in activities around the college and will assist students outside the classroom with conversational English. We will both have opportunity to mentor and disciple. We are now continuing the journey of building our prayer and financial support team. If you or your church would like to be part of our ministry support team, we would love to hear from you. We have some church visits booked already, but if there are any churches that you know where we would be welcomed, please let us know.

Serving our Saviour together, Norm and Noeline Scott


  • Safety and protection we experienced on our discovery trip to Africa
  • Successful surgery for Norm’s knee replacement
  • Being led to accept the position with Nassa Theological College
  • The enjoyment of studying the Word of God


  • That we raise our financial and prayer support
  • Visa applications for entry into Tanzania
  •  For boldness and clarity as we do presentations in various churches and to friends
  • Good time management to meet all our requirements